While I tend to agree with your analysis, I would suggest an escape hatch out of our collective dilemma.

While, in the West we are well versed in 'knowledge' which is an intellectual process. If were were to look at it from Asian eyes, it would be a 'yang' or assertive process of creative disruption. We even proudly call it "disruptive technology." We have, as you describe, created a very unbalanced situation with a lot of anxiety and strife.

Wisdom is the 'yin' alternative to our hyper quest for more bright shiny technology. Wisdom is not an intellectual activity, but a visceral one. Wisdom is deeply body-centered and requires confidence to 'feel' one's way through situations rather than to 'know' about them. While knowledge is logical, wisdom is intuitive, not bound by the limits of time and space and certainly not quantifiable as your article suggests.

In the West, we need training on how to access our innate wisdom and to trust our senses rather than deny them. We need to learn how to achieve a balance of mind and heart rather than deifying cold, cruel logic. We need a different concept of time and give space for ideas to simmer and be "metabolized" as psychologist Matt Licata calls it. We need to chew our technology before we attempt to swallow it. That is the 'wise' thing to do.

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