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TannyTalk Topics

NUCLEAR WEAPONS: The public service function of this blog is to encourage discussion of nuclear weapons in whatever way I can. As I understand it, every mention of nuclear weapons is an act of healing seeking to cure the nuclear weapons denial disease our culture is afflicted with. If you see it that way too, I hope you’ll find content in the nuclear weapons section that can help you inspire conversations where ever you participate online and beyond. If you’re looking for a quick and easy way to get started you might try this page.

WORLD PEACE: The reality of nuclear weapons and other emerging technologies of vast scale in the 21st century makes achieving world peace ever more necessary. World peace is not just a wonderful fantasy idea anymore, but a requirement for the survival of the modern world.

Given that conventional thinking has failed to produce world peace over thousands of years, this world peace article series explores an unconventional plan for taking us beyond a planet saturated with human violence.

NATURE: The natural world is another big area of interest to me. When I’m not here online typing up a storm, I’m almost always deep in the North Florida woods pretending I’m a pine tree. Awhile back my wife and I visited state parks and other wild areas all over North Florida, and much of the nature content on the blog so far arose from those trips. Once that content is up on the site I’ll be exploring the planet digitally and sharing any fun finds with you here.

PHILOSOPHY I’m pretty sure I’m probably the greatest philosopher of all time, while also being an expert in self delusional fantasies. I’m obsessed with our relationship with knowledge, and pretty much any other sweeping big picture subject which can be used to bore my victims to tears. If you’re lying in bed trying to get to sleep because you have to get up early tomorrow, this philosophy section may be just the sedative you’ve been looking for.

So, that’s what this blog is about. I hope you find something to enjoy here. Please keep on smiling, and have a great day.

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The 21st century will force us to make world peace a reality. It's time to transcend the historic failure of conventional ideas, think again, think boldly, and make it happen.


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