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The butt freeze

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Okay this is for the handful of fans that I have and mind you they are spread all around the world! People from New Zealand, Canada and ummm yup even the United States of Amreeca inquire about what’s going on with my writing…..why haven’t I come up with any notes of late?

Hmmm there are quite a few reasons to it; firstly I have been crazy busy at work so haven’t been able to take time out and type out my thoughts ;) . Secondly these days my aversion to cooking has somehow changed to love and now I am addicted to my own cooking hence once I am home I cook, which basically leaves me with limited time to exercise my brains and fingers. Thirdly I have been writing and deleting my notes. I key something in and then get distracted. When I get back to it, my frame of mind doesn’t connect to it and many a thought was wasted in the process, man! Some were award winning, trust me!

Now today one of the most important members of the Single Women On The Go – Club mentioned something which was hard to let go of. I had to share this with you guys.

Since last evening I was a little stressed about this story which I had to submit and like always no one was willing to talk to me about it. Anyways, so somehow I managed to work something out and after submitting it I was having a chat with this important member of my clan. I said “Maybe I need to write a note to de-stress myself, any suggestions for the topic?” She said, “Ya, sitting in AC offices freezing one’s butt off!”

Tell me honestly how could I let go of this one? Sitting in our offices across the town, we single girls have one thing to bind us, other than the single status of course, the conditions under which we work and sometimes trust me it is worse than soaking up the sun and getting tanned, damn the freezing AC! “God I am really thankful to you that I don’t have to endure the sun and get more tanned than I already am!” But honestly people, on the other hand, this AC is really something else.

My neck almost freezes everyday because there is an outlet right above my head and as I sit typing on my system the AC eats into my neck and the spondalities doesn’t help at all but my condition couldn’t beat my single friend’s misery of the butt freeze! As she sits in her posh swanky cabin alone, her butt freezes because of the AC and if I may ask how does your butt freeze sweetie? Do you have an outlet under your chair? Oh don’t tell me you are sitting on top of the damn freezer! In that case you gotta find a solution to it babe, beats me how to unfreeze the butt.

Anyone out there got any solutions? Please holla back.


Maybe this will help. I have pigeons knocking on my window from outside! When I open the window for some fresh, polluted (oxymoron!) air, the pigeons keep peeking in every 15 minutes to check on me! I don’t know which is worse, my boss walking into my cabin when I am chatting or pigeons keeping an eye on me!! Scary, creepy thought! – Courtesy important member of Singlehood clan.


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