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My thoughts for the day

My thoughts for the day

A little bit of fun, a little bit of fiction and a lot of truth

Whoever said that love is a double edged sword???

I am rich with love but the truthful claimer is yet to come so meanwhile I will keep it in fixed deposit and earn interest.

Old women are like old wine go grab your bottle.

It’s a fact the heavier a thing gets chances of sinking are more. So let’s stop making the earth heavy.

Change is the only thing permanent but some things never change.

If someone is in invisible mode it doesn’t mean they don’t want to be disturbed, it means they want to be disturbed by the people they choose to.

It’s so easy to give in to temptation but hard is to hold on to your will. I like challenges. Still get tantalized by the smell of smoke. Hasina just finished smoking one next to me.

Problems are meant to be solved and promises are meant to be broken and rules are meant to be bent.

I want to die at the age of 50 in my Maa’s lap. Yup I am a mummy’s girl. Amen!

I swear I am not a lesbian so all you girlie girls please stop hitting on me. I thank Alex for keeping the male attention alive in my life

Everything is a state of mind. I am feeling rich right now, where’s my invisible private jet?

Always promise what you can’t deliver.

Run is a magic word. Run towards your goal, run towards money, run towards your love…..just keep running all your life.

Nahiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii bhagwan ke liye mujhe maat choro!!!!!!!!!

There is supposed to be a difference between a psycho and a psychic if you can figure out that is.

I go crazy when I see the computer.

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There was no power when I went for my shower

I wanted to rhyme again but this time something else came out….read on

There is a dent in my heart which says I am hurt
There is a bend in the road which says I am at a crossroad
There is a change in the course as the river flows
There is a plan for me that I know by the Force

As I go through the journey called life, I pass many stations rife
As a human meeting people is evident, but different we are in many a way
I try to sit down and think of lessons I have learnt
But God prods me as to rest I have no time
Life is so short that the journey ends as I blink my eye
So blink my eye I will not, as I have got to do a lot
Love is not the only thing I quest, name fame and money too I request

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Single women on the go – The wrinkles

After 9 days of self imposed exile I decided to venture out, met up with Hasina and headed out to our second home, well actually Hasina’s second and my third. I had to meet someone else too the same evening so invited him over to Bacchus, ended up having a good conversation that night. A martini, vodka, few sips of beer and the conversation later it was time to go home, home I reached and what followed after that was a nightmare.

As I stood in front of the mirror that night cleansing my face I noticed lines around my eyes which I realized were wrinkles. Wrinkles????? Oh my holy Lord!!!! My heart skipped a beat and I stumbled, how the hell can I get wrinkles at the age of XX? “It has to be a nightmare, this isn’t happening to me!” I told myself. I looked at the mirror carefully again and checked if the lines were there, oh yes you bet they seemed to have stationed themselves permanently now. Oh God what am I supposed to do now? Quick thinking led me to the cleanser again, the face wash had clearly not helped so after dabbing some cleanser on the cotton I started rubbing those lines off my face vigorously, they didn’t belong there!

Few minutes of rubbing later the wrinkles still starred back at me and I could see the first tear roll down my eyes and the second and in a few second I was crying uncontrollably. At that moment I realized what wrinkles do to a woman well in this case to the single woman! Not for a moment did it cross my mind that it is an illusion of my alcohol clogged mind, because it was not. That night as I lay on my bed shedding tears for the untimely showing up of wrinkles I thought that’s it now my life is finished not much long ago did I ask Maa to start using an anti-wrinkle cream. I cried, I cried and cried some more but the wrinkles didn’t go, thousands of thoughts passed my mind about the effects of wrinkles in my life and finally when I was tired I slept off thinking that when I wake up in the morning they will be all gone.

Morning came and they did not go, so guys now please tell me which is the best anti-wrinkle cream in the market? This is one truth I don’t want to live with.

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Why do I have to know what I know

Some thoughts that always run through my mind…………….

It usually starts with….. Oh god hope water doesn’t run out on me today!

From tomorrow I will wake up early…..tomorrow never comes

What do I wear today?

Hope today’s auto driver doesn’t cheat me

God please bless me with more stories

Please God hope Kavya doesn’t scold me today

What do I want to eat today?

What’s the plan tonight?
(There was a time when right after waking up I used to ask my roommates this question.)

What am I cooking tonight?

Wish Maa was with me…………

Will anyone ever love me?

At the same time I also think…………the luckiest man will get me ;)

So what if I don’t have any kids, I have my niece

No fatty foods please…..happens to me a lot these days when I go grocery shopping

Either I should find a rich guy and get married or earn loads of money

My brother should get a good job

Where are my friends?

What are my options……though I hate them

Dushman hua zamana hum hue paraye

Nahiiiiiiii………….I need to scratch my head now, bye

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I must be funny

You must be crazy to believe whatever I write.

I love a few people in my life and that doesn’t include you.

The world is shrinking and in no time we will be thrown into outer space.

At times I feel like a multi-purpose spare part.

Statements like “Even a Taniya can do it” does wonders to my ego.

I feel a strong connection with Greek philosophers and scientists; maybe I was one of them.

The other day someone told me I am open minded, think in my dreams.

Oh, suddenly the world seems to be worried about me, cousins and aunts calling up early morning talking about marriage or changing my job. Ya right!

There is a huge difference being literate and educated, an educated person will never say “Carry the garbage while going to office.”

It’s not that I don’t like punctuations; it’s just that the punctuation sense is less in me.

There is a reason why I liked him then and I wasn’t wrong, awww he still makes me dreamy!

I think it’s become easy to get on my nerves; everyone is doing it these days.

I have no clue as to who or what my first love is/ was.

Parents had made me what I was, time and friends have made me what I am and I will make myself what I want to be!

I always have the world’s shittiest problems like water running out while taking a shower, where to throw the garbage blah blah blah!

I compete only with myself; the world needs to get that.

Dad says I have a good hold on literature, does it mean he likes what I write?

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Milk of Magnesia

I had no clue……………………

That night around 9-9.30 right after we had dinner Maa got dressed to go some place, that scene is still fresh in my memory. I was at the far end of the bed trying to run away from Granny who was holding a bottle of Milk of Magnesia and a spoon. I was running high fever and had a tummy upset all at the same time then why on earth would Maa leave me and go at such an unearthly hour? She just stood there at the door looking at me while I was performing my antics and acrobats with a strange smile on her face. Little did I know what she had in her mind and erm her……well you’ll get to know in a bit.

That night I cried my heart out feeling abandoned, though my maid servant was there, I could not stop missing Maa. Sickness has this strange affect on us I guess, it makes you realise who your real mother is.

The next morning I woke up to the sound of that weird noise that only Bongs can make, I have no clue what the English word for that is and also to the sound of conch shells which usually means good news for us. I revolted to this rude awakening with a shrill cry only to open my eyes and see that my Granny and aunt were the culprits. “Why you making such noise early morning?” I cried out loud and looked next to me for support from my sister but lo behold she was gone too! My aunt turned around and with the biggest smile that I ever saw on her face she answered “You got a brother.” I asked “Where’s Maa?” she replied, “She is of course in the hospital with your brother.”

Where on earth did a brother suddenly show up from? I asked myself. Just then my sister walked in to inform that she had gone to meet my few hours old brother and he was yet to open his eyes. Wow! I thought everyone is talking about this new thing and had forgotten all about me, I was sick for God’s sake. That’s when I felt the first tinge of jealousy towards my brother which took a long time to heal and now he happens to be my best friend.

What’s weird is that I never realised that my mom was carrying even with a bulging tummy, God how innocent could I have been? Just a few years ago when my sister-in-law was carrying my second nephew, one day my first nephew asked her why was her tummy like a balloon?

I could only wonder……………………………

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Maggie hot and sweet tomato sauce

Like I had written earlier, you will be a fool to believe everything I write.

Frivolous I am not; wrong you are if you had that thought.
The pimples better keep the wrinkles at bay; my face can’t house two guests at the same time.

Will Mr. Right please stand up? Kinda tired going through the set of wrong men hmmph!

Why do I get fixated with other women’s men?

My heart broke again, what’s with the Fevicol ka mazboot jor stuff? All bakwas.

Tired of getting random friends requests, koi mujhe inse bachao aargh!

My friend KC is in town yay!

Sometimes people are so vain that it wants to make me puke, go get a life.

I think I am dying, been thinking that for the last 29 years at least and still going strong.

I am simple to the point of being naïve, oh you so bet!

I always thought I was of average intelligence until Alison said that standards must be pretty high in India.

Having an intelligent and creative mother and a super rich handsome father will do good to my children.

Ek item number toh banta hai boss.

I am unconventional in every freaking way, so people, I am not predictable hence stay away from guessing my next move.

I lack concentration and suffer from OCD.

I ate plastic today ewwwwwwwwww!!!!!!!!!!!

Every time I see a good looking guy my hormones start raging, shows lack of action in my life.

I am a hypocrite, i don’t eat jackfruits but have jackfruit ice creams.

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Estranged are we?

A friend I miss you were, I changed or did you go sour?
Remember the times we spent by the hour? Those walks in the park and waits at the watch tower?
Now you spend more time with strangers I didn’t know existed, what happened that the friendship glass got misted?
There was a time I could read your mind, now I don’t know where are you to find?
Run I used to, to your house everyday, oh what great food you made, I must say!
Those countless times we got ready to head to the crazy parties they used to be.
Inspired I was by them, to write my posts and share our lives with those who were bored
Yet we moved apart for reason unknown!
Now when I sit and reminisce, nostalgia fills up my mind.

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For my muse

Every night now I dream of you and everyday I think of you, anyone I get I talk about you;
What magical spell have you cast that everything else melts to dust?
If this is what happens to me in just two days of you then I wonder what a lifetime will do?
Two years it has been since I felt that love from deep inside though insensitive to men I am not from outside.
Most of them fail to ring a bell of that deep wanting whether from heaven or hell
I still don’t give up hope for the die hard romantic in me is still alive and kicking;
Well groomed men catch my eye and the ones with a great perfume on are the ones I like to try!
On a frenzy my hormones go the moment I smell a man with a nice cologne, well built ones too I like!
Intelligence thrown in with no extra price but mediocrity is what I despise, but all this makes me wonder if you are the one for me to keep?

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The Blessed Soul

I have always had bad experiences with auto drivers, more so because they are my lifeline when it comes to transport. Since I am quite a handicap when it comes to driving a car or even riding a bike, the traffic here scares me and well the bus? I tried it a lot of times but that is not a pleasant experience either! What with the smell of sweat permeating the air after a hard days’ work! It doesn’t really appeal to me! So basically, I like the comfort of sitting back and relaxing, taking the air in and just the pleasure of looking out and staring at nothing. Occasionally of course giving directions to someone, showing the way to my destination, but they are not without hiccups.

Every morning a large part of my prayer includes finding a good auto driver who will not overcharge me and also has an honest meter. It’s hard to find a really good auto driver in the midst of 75000 odd ones, but when I find them, I reward them well. So this particular day after office when I was looking out for an auto, mind you it was a rainy day, and like always they were demanding crazy rates. Like one went, “Give me 70, err 80 err okay a 90 if not 100!” Yeah right I will! The others would make a face the moment I told them my destination, like Koramanagla is some where at the point of no return. People, grow up!

I was almost dejected and considering the option of walking back home, well not really! Just then he came and stood right in front of me and with a nod of his head asked me my destination and when I did, he made no excuses and asked me to hop on. He must have been in his fifties and as he was driving he explained through which way he would be taking me and why. When we reached Johnson Market, there was a huge traffic jam and as we waited, there was this lady who seemed to have shopped for the entire month stranded on the road without any help. So she asked him if she could share the auto with me and he looked at me, I agreed, I generally do thinking that I might be in the same situation some day and someone might just help me out. She had to get down at Adugodi and the ride was pretty much without conversation as I had my earphones on. When she got down and offered to pay the auto driver, I wasn’t sure how much she paid, but I could see that the auto driver gave her Rs. 10 back saying that he didn’t need that much for such a short distance.

Now this is the reason that I write this note today, I have never come across such an honest auto driver in my 11 years in this city and I have been traveling quite a lot. I have come across all kind of drunkards, cheap asses and even gross ones who stare at your breasts, to decide the rate of the auto ride reducing us to some cheap commodities but never a gentleman like this guy. Usually when I board an auto I look up the license to check the driver’s name but this time around I was so relaxed that I didn’t feel the need. I know a lot of you will laugh at me thinking how auto drivers can play such an important role in my life, well only single independent women like me without transport will understand. I hope to meet many more such drivers in the city who will inspire me to write about them.

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