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Single women on the go – The wrinkles

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After 9 days of self imposed exile I decided to venture out, met up with Hasina and headed out to our second home, well actually Hasina’s second and my third. I had to meet someone else too the same evening so invited him over to Bacchus, ended up having a good conversation that night. A martini, vodka, few sips of beer and the conversation later it was time to go home, home I reached and what followed after that was a nightmare.

As I stood in front of the mirror that night cleansing my face I noticed lines around my eyes which I realized were wrinkles. Wrinkles????? Oh my holy Lord!!!! My heart skipped a beat and I stumbled, how the hell can I get wrinkles at the age of XX? “It has to be a nightmare, this isn’t happening to me!” I told myself. I looked at the mirror carefully again and checked if the lines were there, oh yes you bet they seemed to have stationed themselves permanently now. Oh God what am I supposed to do now? Quick thinking led me to the cleanser again, the face wash had clearly not helped so after dabbing some cleanser on the cotton I started rubbing those lines off my face vigorously, they didn’t belong there!

Few minutes of rubbing later the wrinkles still starred back at me and I could see the first tear roll down my eyes and the second and in a few second I was crying uncontrollably. At that moment I realized what wrinkles do to a woman well in this case to the single woman! Not for a moment did it cross my mind that it is an illusion of my alcohol clogged mind, because it was not. That night as I lay on my bed shedding tears for the untimely showing up of wrinkles I thought that’s it now my life is finished not much long ago did I ask Maa to start using an anti-wrinkle cream. I cried, I cried and cried some more but the wrinkles didn’t go, thousands of thoughts passed my mind about the effects of wrinkles in my life and finally when I was tired I slept off thinking that when I wake up in the morning they will be all gone.

Morning came and they did not go, so guys now please tell me which is the best anti-wrinkle cream in the market? This is one truth I don’t want to live with.


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