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Single women on the go – Getting ready for the party

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Ever been a part of the gang or the audience when single women decide to get ready together before heading out to a party? There are just two words to describe the situation, fun and chaos. If you haven’t been a part of it yet, make sure that you don’t miss out on one of the most entertaining episodes of your life. I have been an active participant of this chaos for a long time now. So it’s more or less a way of life for me, no wonder the thought didn’t strike me earlier to write about it until the other day.

It practically takes us women one whole day to zero down on the attire for an evening out. If that’s not enough, we also need to accessorize the look and do the make up which is one of the vital parts of the entire drama. Getting the make up done takes a long time even though most of us, especially me, would deny that. Though we select a particular outfit after much painstaking effort and great attention to detail, at the end just before stepping out of the house, we will find something wrong with it for sure.

First of all the energy is ultimate, if you were pre-decided on not joining the gang for the night out, the activities just before the gang heads out will surely convert your thinking. Especially if you have a mini bar in the room, it is an added bonus. Essentially each of them will be good at something or the other. One amongst the entire herd is for sure to be a good make up artist and another will be good at manning the bar and you will find one like me, the good for nothing types.

As one is applying make up, the other one is trying out everything from the wardrobe but nothing seems to satisfy her. The third one has a problem with her shoes, and thanks to her big sized feet, she never gets what she wants. The fourth one is all ready and set to go and is rushing the others. Missing pieces of clothes from the wardrobe are flying all around and landing in all odd places, the rooms seems to be in a mess, no one is bothered that the one with the shoe problem hasn’t found a solution yet. Suddenly she lets out a scream of frustration and the entire room comes to her help and voila! the problem is fixed in no time. Ok so now everyone seems to ready, well not yet, the bracelet in girl no.1’s hand seems to go with the outfit of girl no.4 so 1 insists that 4 wears it. Oh damn! Where is the perfume? Ok that’s done! Now just as everyone is about to step out, shoe girl has a problem again and is about to give up. Suddenly everyone else swings into action and fishes out just the right outfit to match the shoes.

Phew! They step out for an evening of fun and frolic. And men always wondered what took us so long?


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