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RIP Meha

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I couldn’t bid farewell to Meha………………..

Full of life…….compassionate towards animals….intelligent…..committed….strikingly beautiful and with a great style quotient….that’s how I remember MEHA!!!

I came to know about her sudden and shocking demise yesterday morning when I went online………..they have been flashing her face on TV since the previous night itself….but then I hardly watch TV.

Today I got on FB to go to her profile and pay my last tribute but guess what? Not only is her profile not there any more on my friend’s list but it is now non existent on the whole of FB! One can Google her name and it throws up all the articles related to her death right on your face, which is so depressing because there was more to the girl than what meets the eye now. Feels weird to use the word ‘was’ for Meha.

I remember the first time I met Meha, it was at a friend’s birthday party which was probably a year and half back, at first I thought Meha to be Neha, a lot of people make this mistake. Since then we have been in touch sometimes calling each other for parties or just catching up on life. Full of life she was I must say, compassionate towards animals. Even from the little that I know of her, her best friend was her dog and she was depressed after losing it. An intelligent girl who always wore a smile as I knew her, strikingly beautiful with a great style quotient.

She was working for Chilli Billi after her graduation but somewhere down the lane she wanted a change as she wasn’t finding it satisfying enough. As one night we sat chatting on FB, she told me that she was looking out for a change job wise that’s when I thought of offering her a position in my previous company as a content writer. She got interested and asked me about the details at length about the job, I explained things to her to the best of my ability and asked her to come in for a test. I also asked her to join us immediately if she gets through the test but Meha had promised something to her then employer and she had to be with them for a few more days till she completed her work. I discovered a Meha that day who honoured commitment.

She came in for the test one day, but the very next day I got a call back from her saying, “Taniya I don’t think I am cut out for this kind of a job you know. I like to move around and this job will require me to sit at the desk all the time.” That time I understood Meha was restless. I was fine with it as I needed someone who would be committed to the desk.

Then one day she informs me that she has joined a new luxury hotel in town and that’s where she wanted to be, I was very happy for her. Since then we got a little busy with our lives to be in constant touch with each other, she went on to work for the hospitality industry and I got into journalism. Time was hard pressed for the both of use but we used to keep bumping into each other in one of those odd parties. The last time I met her was at this party on 16th December and it was the same Meha. She came to borrow a cig from me but I didn’t have any, later I saw she had secured one for herself. She was a go getter, no denying to that fact.

I have still not been able to come to terms with her death. Not many were aware of the comfort level we shared, but she is one lady who will always stand out in my memories. We had an age difference of five years but the maturity she displayed was amazing. I really don’t know what went wrong that day what took her life away but the Meha I knew will always be the intelligent girl with a great attitude towards life, as I sit here today writing my last bit of tribute to her I know one thing for sure that this was not the way Meha would want to big farewell to the world!

RIP Meha, you will always be loved and remembered!


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