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Men can’t bear pain like women do.
My rule book says that there is no space for void; something always gets replaced by something else!
Now being well endowed can also fetch you discounts from the auto drivers, especially when travelling at night. No kidding.
One night at 11pm I tried hiring an auto, to quote his price he did not have to look at my face. He of course quoted an obscene amount, the look on his face clearly saying that I deserved to pay that much.
I am on my way to sue Victoria’s Secrets. I am against implants.
Just because I like you doesn’t mean you have to like me back, I can deal with it.
Aging is good, I recommend it to everyone. I find numbers sexy only if it implies age.
Women are priceless, treat each one carefully. Even the ‘bitchist’ one deserves to be treated with respect.
We have power, the biggest one no denying is the power to create life and also the power to destroy.
I lost my laptop at an internet parlour 2 years back.
Everyone should take to fitness. People say that it doesn’t matter what your weight is as long as you are fit I say weight control is an important aspect of fitness.
My ideal way to exercise is to swim.
Women love to talk about sports too and they have the knowledge to back it up. We might not be interested in every sport but we know that Michael Schumacher is racing for Mercedes now and a yellow card is used in soccer not IPL matches.
We are also interested in cars and think that SUVs are super sexy; looks are secondary when compared to power.
Someone had said, “I don’t mind if money can’t buy happiness. I don’t mind sitting in a Ferrari and crying.”
I have a sharp memory, eye sight and hearing. My brother says that I should have been working for CBI. Well their loss.
Women get stimulated by intelligent conversation and they can hold a conversation on politics, global warming and world trade. We are ready to learn about cigars too.

V.S. Achuthanandan is the chief minister of Kerela.
We like men who are in good shape, take care of themselves and smell good. Sometimes just your perfume will be able to do tricks you can’t even imagine.
Even we don’t like men swearing.
After what seems like ages someone told me I got the body of an athlete and boy wasn’t I happy!!!!! Sprinter, swimmer and hold a brown 3 in karate.


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