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Prediction is very difficult, especially of the future! Said a wise man, once.

Nothing can be further from the truth; no one can really predict what the future beholds.

Until of course someone has a premonition about it which cannot be guaranteed and even if we do have a premonition whether we act according to it or just ignore to go about our way.

I wonder if any of the passengers and crew on board the Air France flight AF 447 had a premonition of their imminent death. Perhaps we will never know what exactly went wrong on board that flight which led to the ghastly crash causing the death of 228 people, not a single survivor left to tell the tale of horror! It is the worst civil aviation accident since 2001.

Did any of the passengers or anyone from the crew get the feeling that this will be their final flight? Well I bet most of them did not and they were more or less lured towards their final destination.

When boarding the Titanic on its maiden voyage little did the innocent passengers know what the future beholds. Titanic was the first of its kind in those days, all the latest technology available at that time were used to put such a master piece together. This gave an immense sense of security to all the passengers who had undertaken the debut trip in that fateful ship only to face their death. In this case though we did have a handful of survivors who could come back and tell the world about the final moments on board the majestic Titanic, which of course as we all know hit an iceberg and sank two hours and forty minutes later. It was one of the most deadly maritime disasters in history.

Did any of them have the premonition of what is going to happen? And if they did then did anyone avoid boarding the Titanic that morning?

Well! They did, people did have premonitions about the Titanic. It is alleged that the Titanic sailed with just 58% of its original passengers that morning.

The movie series, Final Destination revolves around premonition. It is actually this movie which drew my attention to the subject of premonition. Correct me if I am wrong, but as far as I remember the first part deals with a plane crash where a girl gets a premonition about the plane crashing and killing everyone on board. The second pat is about a road crash and the third part was about a ride in an amusement park. But the fact of the matter was premonition, people getting to know what will happen before they actually did.

It would be quite cool to possess the power of premonition. Being a psychic, knowing what is going to happen before it does. But does that really help? Can a psychic really save a number of lives? Can a psychic convince & convert even the hardcore cynics of the world? I’ve heard, though I haven’t been able to confirm, that some heads of state actually have some psychics in their employ! This is to help them govern their respective states/countries properly & get an idea of what is about to happen or not! Ridiculous as this may sound, I really wouldn’t mind having a psychic as my good friend! That way I’ll be more prepared for what’s coming my way!

P.S. I want to thank Sanch for this one especially!


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