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My thoughts for the day

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My thoughts for the day

A little bit of fun, a little bit of fiction and a lot of truth

Whoever said that love is a double edged sword???

I am rich with love but the truthful claimer is yet to come so meanwhile I will keep it in fixed deposit and earn interest.

Old women are like old wine go grab your bottle.

It’s a fact the heavier a thing gets chances of sinking are more. So let’s stop making the earth heavy.

Change is the only thing permanent but some things never change.

If someone is in invisible mode it doesn’t mean they don’t want to be disturbed, it means they want to be disturbed by the people they choose to.

It’s so easy to give in to temptation but hard is to hold on to your will. I like challenges. Still get tantalized by the smell of smoke. Hasina just finished smoking one next to me.

Problems are meant to be solved and promises are meant to be broken and rules are meant to be bent.

I want to die at the age of 50 in my Maa’s lap. Yup I am a mummy’s girl. Amen!

I swear I am not a lesbian so all you girlie girls please stop hitting on me. I thank Alex for keeping the male attention alive in my life

Everything is a state of mind. I am feeling rich right now, where’s my invisible private jet?

Always promise what you can’t deliver.

Run is a magic word. Run towards your goal, run towards money, run towards your love…..just keep running all your life.

Nahiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii bhagwan ke liye mujhe maat choro!!!!!!!!!

There is supposed to be a difference between a psycho and a psychic if you can figure out that is.

I go crazy when I see the computer.


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