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Milk of Magnesia

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I had no clue……………………

That night around 9-9.30 right after we had dinner Maa got dressed to go some place, that scene is still fresh in my memory. I was at the far end of the bed trying to run away from Granny who was holding a bottle of Milk of Magnesia and a spoon. I was running high fever and had a tummy upset all at the same time then why on earth would Maa leave me and go at such an unearthly hour? She just stood there at the door looking at me while I was performing my antics and acrobats with a strange smile on her face. Little did I know what she had in her mind and erm her……well you’ll get to know in a bit.

That night I cried my heart out feeling abandoned, though my maid servant was there, I could not stop missing Maa. Sickness has this strange affect on us I guess, it makes you realise who your real mother is.

The next morning I woke up to the sound of that weird noise that only Bongs can make, I have no clue what the English word for that is and also to the sound of conch shells which usually means good news for us. I revolted to this rude awakening with a shrill cry only to open my eyes and see that my Granny and aunt were the culprits. “Why you making such noise early morning?” I cried out loud and looked next to me for support from my sister but lo behold she was gone too! My aunt turned around and with the biggest smile that I ever saw on her face she answered “You got a brother.” I asked “Where’s Maa?” she replied, “She is of course in the hospital with your brother.”

Where on earth did a brother suddenly show up from? I asked myself. Just then my sister walked in to inform that she had gone to meet my few hours old brother and he was yet to open his eyes. Wow! I thought everyone is talking about this new thing and had forgotten all about me, I was sick for God’s sake. That’s when I felt the first tinge of jealousy towards my brother which took a long time to heal and now he happens to be my best friend.

What’s weird is that I never realised that my mom was carrying even with a bulging tummy, God how innocent could I have been? Just a few years ago when my sister-in-law was carrying my second nephew, one day my first nephew asked her why was her tummy like a balloon?

I could only wonder……………………………


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