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We all know that women in India haven’t been given equal rights like men, they have always been subjugated. While we were growing up, my friends and I (I am sure lots of other women of our age too), had the hope that this inequality will go because we had parents who were open minded and who encouraged we girls in everything. We were hopeful that as we progress with education and are exposed to the western culture we will imbibe the good things from them and learn to give equal rights and status to the women of our country. The humiliation, abuse and atrocities that women are subjected to will be done away with and they will be respected by all men for what they are. But we all are yet to see that day.

Off late a lot of incidents have taken place which makes us think twice if we have progressed at all as a nation, especially in regards to the dignity of a woman.

I would like to mention the Mangalore incident first where innocent girls sitting and enjoying a drink at a pub in the afternoon were victimized by some hooligans who are self proclaimed protectors of Hinduism. They said that girls drinking alcohol isn’t in our culture, may I ask them in which law is it mentioned? Who gave them then rights to take the law in their hands? And last but not the least; don’t they have any BETTER WORK in life than go and meddle with affairs which don’t actually concern them at all?

The brutal rape and murder case of 15 year old British girl, Scarlett Keeling, in Goa shook the entire nation. Goa, the tourist destination and the party place for millions was rendered unsafe after this incident.

This incident was followed by a German mother claiming that a certain minister’s son in Goa had raped her minor daughter.

A few years back the rape and murder of a call centre employee by her cab driver had left everyone shocked and had raised the security question of women working in the nights.

When I open the newspaper daily in the morning I dread how many rape cases would be reported, not a single day passes by without us coming across at least about one rape case and only God knows how many goes unreported.

Its not only strangers or neighbours that Indian women should wary of; in fact the devils are sometimes even closer home. Just the other day I read a news article which stated that a girl murdered her father with the help of her brother because her father had been repeatedly raping her for the past 6 months.
This is not an isolated case, if you do a research you will get to read a lot of such incidents where a father would have committed such a heinous crime.

Another article had also reported a brother raping his physically challenged sister.

I know I have mostly stated rape cases here but there are other incidents also which challenge the dignity of a woman, whether it is eve teasing or a woman being groped at in the public.

I know of quite a few people who have had such scary experiences, no woman is exception to this nasty ‘rule of nature.’ I am pretty much sure that every woman or girl would have at some point of time faced such an ugly incident which would have made them hate the world and more importantly themselves, because whatever happens at the end of the day we women easily assume that we are the ones to be blamed for the untoward incident. This is so unfair, because the culprit would have done his deed leaving us, the innocent victims traumatized.

The psychological impact is so much that nowadays I rarely see myself or any of my friends moving around alone when it starts getting dark. I can only speak for myself and for the people I know, I just wonder in what safety conditions the rest of the women of our country are surviving.

I really doubt if things in this county will ever change, especially the attitude of certain men towards women. All I can do is hope!


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