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Article 377

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If the pretty young things weren’t enough competition, now we have Section 377 repealed to add to our woes!

Now my gay friends having no closet to come out from are challenging us openly. No offence meant I love my gay friends they are a woman’s best friend after diamonds but to one his or her own. Fend for yourself.

The dry market coupled with the scrapping of Article 377 is a great threat for us aging single women.

Having said that I think it’s a milestone achieved for all the members of the gay community and the gay activists. For years now they have been raging a seemingly never ending battle which has now brought in results.

The homosexuals have always found hard acceptance in the society whether it’s in India or the world over. People have their own reservation about homosexuality prompting these people to be shy of their sexuality or sexual preference, especially in India.

The society in general has a typical mindset towards ‘gayism’ which is not very encouraging for the gays to come out clean. They lead a very heavily guarded life least their secret is revealed. They are under severe stress all the time thinking about their family, friends and work people.

A few days back TOI had published an article about a gay couple who were struggling to lead a normal life. The story was quite touching as to how this live in gay couple put up a pretence trying to maintain ‘normalcy’ in front of the world.

I read a book once, its called Almost Single by Advaita Kala, in this book also there is a mention of a gay couple trying to lead a normal life. Though the author has been a little more open about this fictitious couple, I still have my doubts about this one.

I have a few gay friends, most of them are open about their choice of partners but it’s only in front of their friends who have accepted them with an open mind, their parents are still unaware of the truth.

In my mind I want a society which accepts everyone freely and with an open mind regardless of their sexual preference and I am sure a lot of others do too. The annulment of Section 377 comes as a great encouragement towards this direction, after all everyone has the right to freedom and we live in a democracy.

So let us all look forward to a bias free society where everyone lives with their heads held high!


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